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Vanderpol Christian Academy

 Having Fun on Friday afternoon after class

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The VanderPol Christian Academy is a Christian  school in the Bicol region of the Philippines in the small village of Ligao. This christian school was established in 2002 and started out with only two classroom and 40 students.  Now with more than 600 students and 23 classrooms we have come a long way from our small beginnings.

Some of the children from our school don’t have the basic necessities that others have; in fact, many of them live in dirt floors and only one room for their other family members.An average would have 10 or  sometimes more family members living in that one room. Eden,  grew up in these living conditions so she knows what this kids have to live with. These children deserved a chance to have a better future  which requires someone to take part of their lives as a financial partner with them. If you want to make a change in a little child’s life today. Be a sponsor and watch year by year how much you can make such a big difference in helping a child’s future become brighter. If you have any concerns or questions, please let us know and email us at

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  The wonderful part is that by sponsoring a child you are not only providing an education you are inviting them and their family to hear the Word of God at The Church Along the Riles which they attend at least once a month as part of their commitment to the school.  Most choose to attend regularly once they have been exposed to the love of Christ.

Dennis and Eden Guam

 Dennis Linebarger was a decorated Green Beret serving two years in the Vietnam conflict.   He also served in a special Law Enforcement detachment with the U.S. Coast Guard and later joined the U.S. Peace Corps as a volunteer in Asia.

Not knowing then, this experience prepared him for missionary service that God called him in the remote areas of the Bicol Region of the Philippines.   While serving in the U.S. Peace Corps Dennis found the love of his life named Eden.

In 1989, Dennis and Eden Linebarger first joined Wycliffe Bible Translators to serve in the Philippines. It was during their translation that they saw a need for a church and school in the small village of Ligao.

I can’t give right now, can I still help?

Absolutely!  The most important part of our support is not money it is Prayer.  We serve a mighty God who sees to our needs everyday in every way and the more people we have praying the more God will accomplish in the ministry.  I believe that everyone involved would say if it comes down to a choice between praying faithfully for us or sending money we would rather have the prayer.


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